10 Home Chores You Should Not Forget

Dated: September 16 2019

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10 Home Chores You Should Not Forget

Maintaining our home isn’t really that easy when it comes to cleanliness. We all want that the air we breathe would be pleasant to our nose. That the surfaces we touch would be dust-free and not sticky when our fingertips touch them. That the things in our house would be in an orderly fashion, if not then it would be in the order that we want them to be.  This list features the areas in our home that we often forget to clean.

As each month goes on by, we often forget to clean our home and, in the end, they will show up when we don’t want them to be out. This is due to the fact that we are busy with our work, personal activities, and if you have children, they would take most of your time.

The ten areas in this list are the most common of the places we need to check occasionally as we do our cleaning:

1. Carpets

- Often, we clean our carpets with a vacuum cleaner only. But as months go on by, a vacuum cleaner will not be enough to clean our carpets and they would start to emit a nasty smell. Washing them with water and a solution compatible with the carpet. The solution depends on the type of fabric your carpet is composed of. This activity must be done in summer so that you can dry your carpets easily.

2. Curtains and Drapes

- We simply dust the curtains and drapes monthly. After a few months, it is better to clean them properly. This is done either after 6 months or maybe a year. You can have them dry cleaned if you have the budget for it or you could also wash them at home while strictly following the instructions on their tags so that you won’t ruin them.

3. Mattress

- Even as the quality of mattresses has improved, they will still need proper maintenance for their cleanliness at least once a year. You will want to clean it thoroughly and if you feel it, you would want to change its orientation in the room.

4. Linen Closet

- At least once a year, you would want to clean your linen closet. First, empty it so you could properly clean its surfaces and every corner. Take your time in cleaning your linen closet because at the end of the day; it is here where we store our towels, pillowcases, bedsheets, and other essentials that should be clean before we use them. If wiping isn’t enough, you could also vacuum the dust and spiderwebs if there are any present in the linen closet.

5. Kitchen Cabinets and Pantry

- Cleaning our kitchen cabinets, drawers, and food pantry are necessary. It really depends on how often do you use it but normally we clean them around 1 month before the holidays since, during the holidays, we will use the kitchen more often.

6. Fireplace and Chimney

- Cleaning the fireplace and chimney is normally done after the winter. Clean the embers with a shop vacuum. Each of the fireplace tools must also be washed as well. For the chimney, you would want to make an appointment with a chimney sweeper so that it would get cleaned properly.

7. House Gutters

- Gutter guards are a great investment for this case. These gutter guards are essential when you live in places around trees that shed their leaves all year long. Having them also minimizes the amount of cleaning you need to be done. If you don’t have gutter guards, you will need to clean the corners of your house thoroughly and it would take up a lot of water, effort and time.

8. Outdoor Furniture

- Outdoor furniture is often exposed to the open environment and takes in the dust and dirt from the outside. These dust and dirt would accumulate and eventually will be too difficult to remove and when you try to remove them, it would lead to damages to the furniture itself. It would be a good habit to keep them in check and clean them yearly so that the amount of dust and dirt accumulated would not be too thick or too sticky to remove.

9. Garage

- The garage also needs your attention. At least regularly, clean its corners which are the places where dirt often accumulates. Most of the dirt in the garage are composed of oil stains and molds. You can remove the motor oil stains with dish soap and wire scrub brush. The corners and walls can be cleaned with a sponge mop. For the molds, you can use either bleach or diluted vinegar with warm water for easy removal.

10. Attic

- The attic should be checked up even if it used either as a guest room or simply as a storage room. Since using the attic as a guest room, we often clean it up before and after we have a guest. But using it as a storage room, we would want to clean it yearly to keep the accumulation of the dust minimal.

With these ten out there, we would want to regularly check upon them.  Do remember that in the end, it will be us benefiting and enjoying a clean home. 

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