Making Your Home Eco-Friendly

Dated: November 12 2019

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        Nowadays, technology has advanced at a very fast pace. From smartphones that are used in our daily lives, to the advanced equipment used in the industrial sector. And sadly, not all of these technological advancements benefit our mother nature. Yes, they do ease our way of living and also hasten up the production of the products we need but, not all of these are helping our ecosystem.


          With these damaging our mother nature, it would be a big step to make our home eco-friendly. This is a situation that everyone must be concerned with. Adding up eco-friendly features to your property isn’t just an expense, it is also an investment. A lot of home buyers nowadays are environmentally conscious and are looking for properties in the market that have eco-friendly features. This will be a big plus point for you if you plan to sell your home in the future. There are home buyers that want features that pertain to sustainability which is a big part of being eco-friendly.


          But the main question you have right now is: How do I make my home eco-friendly? Surprisingly, there are easy ways to start adding features to make your home eco-friendly. These are:


1. Smart Home

          - Transforming your home into a smart home will be a big upgrade to your way of living inside it. Most homeowners think that making their home a smart home is nothing but a luxury. But little do they know that transforming your home into a smart home will result in increasing the efficiency of the usage of electricity. It also upgrades your safety inside your home. Home automation would allow most of your appliances to operate with the lowest amount of energy required. This will definitely result in a lower bill for any homeowner. Not only does a home automated system save energy and money, but it also saves a lot of time for you. You do not need to manually control most of the basic features, therefore saving you the effort that you can now redirect for yourself.


2. Lighting

          - LED light bulbs are now a thing. LED means “Light-Emitting Diode”. These LED bulbs produce a brighter light compared to the other types of light bulbs while using less energy to do so. LED light bulbs have a higher cost compared to other light bulbs, but they reduce the amount of electricity used each time you turn them on. Another feature is that they have an extended bulb life. Saving the energy needed in every light bulb you turn on at home won’t just help you as the homeowner, it will also lessen the energy consumption of your home. Hence, reducing the amount of energy produced will lead to reducing the natural resources we take from mother nature. Some may say that using LED light bulbs is insignificant but think about it. If each one of us would use LED light bulbs in our homes, imagine the energy reduction in each town, city, state, and country. It takes one small step from a single person or family, but if everyone would take that step, to add up to a bigger reduction to the energy consumption per household.


3. Living Wall

          - Lacking a gardening area in your property? Say no more! Create a living wall in your home. Creating a living wall will inevitably consume a big amount of effort from homeowners, but the perks you can get from having a living wall are quite plenty. It will serve as natural insulation which makes your home cooler since plants take up the carbon dioxide in the air. Which results in lesser energy consumption. It will also give a “living” feeling in the area you make it and would also serve as an aid in maintaining a humid home. You can make a living wall in your entryway, living room, or even on your terrace.


4. Green Roof

          - A lot of old properties mostly use metal materials like roofing. But did you know that you can also make your roofing eco-friendly? Installing a green roof is another way to do so. Having a green roof has multiple benefits. First, they will definitely reduce your energy consumption since they provide natural cooling, therefore, lessening the amount of energy consumed to cool the inside of your home. Making your home energy efficient. A green roof protects your home from the solar heat. It also serves as insulation during the winter to reduce heat loss.

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Making Your Home Eco-Friendly

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