Tips to a Happy Thanksgiving!

Dated: November 27 2019

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          As we all know, Thanksgiving is the number one holiday that is celebrated in America. This is the time of the year that really gets us busy on preparations. Although it is not always filled with happiness, we try to alleviate ourselves during this period. Here are some tips to help you have a happy Thanksgiving with a little bit of Feng Shui:


1. Yourself


          - Yes, the holidays are just around the corner but it does not mean that you have to throw off a party or make sure you have plenty of food to host a celebration. You have to focus on yourself, and your family first. Having peace of mind during the holidays is one of the best feelings you want to have. It is always predicted that during the week before Thanksgiving, there will be tons of people buying the traditional ingredients, there will be hectic travel plans, difficulty in booking a flight just to be with your family. But remember that it should not be the case, you can prepare what you want for Thanksgiving, make a list of the ingredients and buy them 4 or 5 days so that you won’t be buying them during the “rush” period as Thanksgiving nears. If you do not like to cook, then you can arrange for a restaurant reservation that you could book in advance so that when you go to that restaurant during Thanksgiving, you will surely have a table for you and your family. Making sure you have a properly allocated budget will also reduce the amount of stress you have. Reducing the amount of stress will then lead to better pacing for your mood and emotions.


2. Playful


          - Thanksgiving is the number one celebrated holiday. So, why are you grumpy while celebrating it? We should remember our childhood days and see that we were keeping it cool and just playing during the holidays. Why not let the next generations experience that too? A little bit of compromise won’t just improve the mood but also let the children have a great experience too.


3. Space Clearing Ceremony

          - During Thanksgiving, you may either host a celebration or not but it will always be a good idea to perform a Space Clearing Ceremony. As we approach the holidays, we tend to have mixed emotions which lead to having both positive and negative energies present within our home. Letting positive energy linger in your home during the holidays will be helpful in setting a home’s mood. Normally, for Feng Shui, homeowners will light incense to clear one’s mind to assist in meditation, dreaming, and to help you connect to a specific type of energy. When doing a Space Clearing Ceremony, we do not use incense but we will use white sage instead. White sage is used to cleanse a space of negative energy. Hence, before the guests arrive at your home, you perform a Space Clearing Ceremony with white sage. This will be burned a little from 10 am to 2 pm. Why 10 am to 2 pm? According to Feng Shui, this is the time of the day that the sun offers the strongest blessings along the Earth plane. The Space Clearing Ceremony normally lasts 20 to 30min depending on the size of your home. You start burning the white sage at your front door and start walking through each room inside and make sure the white sage will be in contact with every room. Note that you do not need to rush this so you should walk slowly. After walking with the burning white sage throughout the rooms of your home, you go back to your front door. You should also recite a short prayer before ending the Space Clearing Ceremony.


          After your guests leave your home, you should also perform a Space Clearing Ceremony again. Your guests came into your home and brought with them their own energies and they also made some positive or negative energies as they stayed within your home. Performing a Space Clearing Ceremony after they leave will help your home neutralize its energy levels and as much as possible remove the negative energies within it.


4. Stop Following the Traditions

          - Most families all spend Thanksgiving by hosting, preparing and celebrating this festivity at home. But there is no rule that you need to spend Thanksgiving at home. You can take a break and go on vacation too. With your family, you could travel, go on camping or even go on hiking. You can also simply stay at home. Celebrating Thanksgiving should still be within your pace. What’s important is that you enjoy it with the company of your family.

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Tips to a Happy Thanksgiving!

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