5 Documents to Ready Before Listing Your Home

Dated: October 8 2019

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Listing your property in the market is not as easy as it sounds. You have to prepare your house. You will be too busy cleaning, making maintenance checks and even packing your own stuff that you will transfer to your new home. But have you forgotten to check the documents supporting your property? In this article, we will tackle the documents that we should prepare before putting a property into the market. Making sure that these documents are prepared beforehand will ease your sales.


            At the end of the day, you would not want to search for these documents after you have packed every stuff you would transfer right? You would not want the hassle of unboxing and searching for these documents. It would better to prepare them. Here are the documents you should prepare before listing your property:


  1.      Floor Plans

- Floor plans are provided to the home buyer by the home seller as the property has been sold. You see, your potential home buyer might want to alter some parts of the house since he/she has different plans for a home compared to you. Having this document will give a full overview of the structure and the spacing of the house. Which in the end, would help the home buyer as he/she renovates some parts of the house since he/she has different needs and wants. These documents also help the potential home buyer to estimate how much would he/she need to spend on remodeling. Also, showing the floor plans to your potential buyer saves time for both of you because the potential home buyer does not need to go back to record the dimensions of your property. As you can see, making sure that this is ready would have a positive impact on you and your potential home buyer. So, make sure it is readily available.


  1.      Home Survey

- You as a home buyer had this document before purchasing your current home. You requested and obtained a home survey before and you might want to prepare this document for your future potential buyers. This document would be good for at least a span of five years. So, if you have not yet lived within that property for five years, your potential buyer could use your existing home survey instead of paying for a new home survey which would help them save money too. It is also very important that your home survey must have the seal of the surveyor in order to ensure its authenticity, even if it is just a photocopy.


  1.      Loan Statement

- This document will help you price your property in the market. Why? This is because having your loan statement document will help you assess how much money you have in your home. This means you can check whether you would take an offer from a potential buyer or refuse it. You would have monthly statements from your loan provider given monthly so you can keep in mind those numbers as you prepare your property for the market.


  1.      Utility Bills

- This is quite basic. Showing and providing the utility bills to your potential buyer would help him/her see how much would the utility cost be in your property. This would help them budget the monthly living costs that each one of us tries to meet every month. A marketing strategy would be providing the utility costs which are low to entice your potential home buyers. It does not hurt to be transparent too and show them all of your utility bills for the past year. This would also show how your property fares throughout the seasons where we do know that utility costs would spike up during the winter.


  1.      Manuals, Warranties and Repair Receipts

- Did you keep all the manuals and warranties for the appliances you will leave for your potential buyer? If yes then that would be a plus point. Any home buyer would find these documents helpful. Warranties that are transferrable will definitely work in your favor as a bonus chip for your home sale. Repair receipts are also in line with these documents. Showing a new roof has been installed within a year would definitely spike up the interest in your property because home buyers find it appealing that they would not need to allot additional money for roof repairs since your property has a new roof.


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