5 Storage Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Dated: September 26 2019

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Do you have a small bathroom at home? It is quite difficult to move inside, right? You have to be careful on how you move your body because you might bump into the surrounding installed equipment in it. Having a small bathroom is pretty common, and it is usually the smallest room in the house. Well, most of us do have small bathrooms but have you ever noticed that other small bathrooms seem a bit large even if it is small? That it does not feel as cramped up as other small bathrooms do?


            Although small bathrooms have a limited square footage, it does not mean it should already be cramped. With a proper organization of the storage spaces in it, you can make a drastic change to how you see and feel your small bathroom. You don’t need some state-of-the-art storages for this, you just need to add a bit of creativity on how your small bathroom would become more functional and spacious.

            Here are five storage tips and tricks that could help you get that chance to remove the feeling of getting cramped:


1. Vanity with Cabinet

- Most of us go for the common pedestal sinks for our bathrooms. These sinks might come up in curvaceous designs that seem pleasing to our eyes. But do note that in the end, they tend to waste the precious space below them. Having a vanity with cabinet would be perfect. Not only will you be able to save the space below it but you can use the cabinet to store some of the basic toiletries. Putting every space to use is a must if you have a small bathroom. I know it sounds a bit undermining for the pedestal sinks but you can also find vanities with cabinet that also come with a good design, right? So why not go for a vanity that could perform the purpose of two.


2. Medicine Cabinet

- Do you just have a mirror installed above your sink? Think of the space you could have used if it was not just a mirror. Having a medicine cabinet with mirror does the job. You can still have a mirror while having additional storage space. This is pretty common for small or large homes because of its functionality.


3. Shelving

- We do have spaces in our bathroom that can be put into good use. Do you have free spaces above the toilet, vanity, or in other parts of the wall that are empty? Put those spaces into good use by installing shelving units. You can see these in other houses where you could still put the small stuff and you could also place small pots of plants on these shelves.


4. Towel Racks

- Do you still think you could just hang your wet towels outside the bathroom? Wouldn’t that take up space? Imagine forgetting the towel you need to use outside of the bathroom and you are already done using the shower. You can relieve this hassle by installing tower racks inside your bathroom. Having a rack installed beside the shower area would save you space and convenience. Another idea would be to install a few towel racks with a couple of feet in between each other so that you could maximize your space inside the bathroom.


5. Hooks

- The hooks are like the finishing touches for saving space. You can either use them for decorative purposes or for hanging the clothes you will wear before exiting the bathroom. They are pretty convenient and also take a very small amount of space.


            Following these would let you get that cramped feeling out of your small bathroom. You can personalize and decorate it with what you put within the shelves and hooks. Remember that every space inside a small bathroom must be put into good use so that you won’t waste it.

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