5 Tips to Maintain a Pest-free Home

Dated: September 19 2019

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Pests; whether they are rodents, cockroaches, bugs, or other insects that keep invading your home. You will eventually get tired of having them at home and will want to remove them or even prevent them from coming back. This is a large problem that most of us face. Having pests at home can not be simply ignored, they might and can pose potential health implications that will lead to situations you wished you just did not have them there at home.


            Nowadays, people often hire rodent exterminators to go to their home and finish the job of getting rid of the pests. Others even apply fogging to clear out any unwanted insects within the vicinity of their homes. While these would entail additional costs that are not part of our budget, we could always do something to prevent these pests from not just staying in our own home, we could prevent them from being there in the first place.


            Here are five tips in order to keep your own home pest-free:


1.     Maintain Cleanliness in the Kitchen

- The kitchen is the place at home that you want to be neat and clean. We prepare our meals in the kitchen and also store our food in it. Most pests start showing up when a kitchen is dirty, and by dirty we mean leftover traces of food scattered within the whole kitchen. Whether it be a crumb of bread to a piece of meat left somewhere in the corner of the stove, these little things add up and attract pests. Do take note that it is in the kitchen that we prepare our meals, you would not want to serve your family with contaminated food, right? You would not want to get them sick and end up to dire situations that could have been prevented if you had just simply cleaned the kitchen. Remember that having this area clean would entail not only a healthy and safe preparation of meals but it would avoid enticing pests to come to your home.


2.     Clean your Drains

- By saying to clean your drains; we mean the drains in the kitchen sink, on the floor, and at the bathroom. These drains often serve as a basin that accumulates the tiny particles of dirt and waste food which attracts pests. Having an unclean drain will make it serve as a potential breeding ground for pests. Think of it, you washed the dishes and did not remove the tiny spectacles of food that were caught by the kitchen sink. Do you think this food waste would eventually evaporate into thin air? Nope, they would not. They would linger there and eventually decompose slowly and attract pests to gather around it, especially flies. That is why it is very important to keep your drains clean because, in the end, it will be you who will be responsible for your own house’s cleanliness.


3.     Keep your Home Free from Stagnant Water

- We do know that having stagnant water is one of the best places where mosquitoes breed. Make sure that you do not have any stagnant water inside your home or even outside like for example in the garage. These could be pots left outside and after the rain, they have accumulated water on them. You could have also stored water for cleaning your car at the garage and left the lid not secured or not tightly closed. These could lead to you creating a breeding ground that some pests love. You would not want to be the one to be responsible if a family member or yourself get a disease contracted from these pests, right? For example, would be Malaria or even Dengue. These are deadly diseases that are very dangerous and difficult to recover from. So, keep in mind that you should not have any stagnant water at home.


4.     Use LED Lights

- With the advancement of technology today, we should shift to the new types of lighting. The standard mercury vapor lights that we are used to are attractive to insects. That is why using LED lights would help minimize the build-up of insects at home. Not only would they help you in your campaign of having a pest-free home, but they also cost less in terms of their electric consumption. Which in the end not only saves you money but also keeps your home pest-free.


5.     Schedule Regular Household Checks

- Maintaining a clean home can never be accomplished overnight. It needs to be done regularly. Creating a schedule where you check the parts of your home would be a good thing to do. You can check what area of the house needs to be cleaned, you can check if there are small holes that can become an entry for tiny pests, you can see where you need to start cleaning first.


            As you can see, these are simple but essential to every household. Because at the end of the day, you yourself are responsible for your home’s cleanliness.

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