5 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Property

Dated: September 27 2019

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Have you thought of putting your home in the market? Did you find out that your property’s value has depreciated after a couple of years? You might want to consider doing some renovations that are not that expensive in order to fit in your tight budget. You might be wondering, are there really ways to increase your property’s value that are not that expensive?


Well, here are 5 ways that you could get your home in shape before putting it in the market to increase its value:


  1.       Get an Inspection

This would be the first step you could possibly do as a home seller. You see, a home inspection is not limited to those buying a home. It will cost you a few hundred dollars but once it is over, you can get to see the bigger picture of your home. With this clear picture, you can know what needs to be fixed and the things that can wait. With a list in hand, you can focus on what needs to be repaired first than those that are just for upgrades.


  1.       Update your Lighting

Sometimes you can never see the beauty of your home unless you equip it with proper lighting. The lighting you have used for years has already functioned for you and might not suit the personal taste of the next homeowners. It would cost a little, but updating the lighting would have a detrimental effect on a home’s aesthetics. Purchasing a few new lights won’t break your budget, and in the end, these new lights could uplift your rooms into a new level. Even if you are not skilled with the electrical work at home, installing a few lights would not take long.


  1.       Redo your Paint

This is one of the fastest and least expensive home improvements you can do to your home. A brand new coat of paint can transform those old walls and make them look and feel brand new and clean. Giving them a modern color could also transform your home and might suit the taste of your buyer. Purchasing the paint, rollers, and brushes will only cost a few hundred dollars in total. In the end, it would be worth every penny because once you list your property in the market, the probable buyers will see the paint immediately. Also, remember to paint your front door with vibrant colors to catch the attention of your buyers.


  1.       Update your Kitchen

We all know that the kitchen is the place where we prepare our meals and store our food. Updating it would pack a punch when home buyers get to view it. Some people value the kitchen with high regards and having an outdated kitchen would be displeasing for your buyers. It would not cost that much to check on your kitchen appliances and to make sure that the cabinets are tidy and clean. Remember that the kitchen is a focal point in every home, so you cannot afford to forget fixing it before listing your home in the market.


  1.       Add Insulation

Yes the current insulation you have might be okay for you, but it might be the same case as for the next owner, right? Adding insulation for your home would be good as you can use this as a perk of the house. Having good insulation helps the owner control the temperature manually, and it also helps the owner regulate the temperature inside the house. A lot of people ignore homes that have poor insulation because when winter comes, people would not want to freeze inside their homes or get steamed inside of it. It might cost a thousand dollars but if it ends up getting you a higher sale then it would totally be worth it.

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