6 Common Home Selling Mistakes

Dated: October 7 2019

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When it comes to selling your home in the market, there are a lot of preparations to do and you might miss out on some necessary things. Selling a house is not really an easy task nor is it a difficult one, you just have to make sure to check on the basic stuff that you yourself would look at when you are finding a home to buy. But right now, a lot of home sellers unintentionally forget to check these parts.


            Most of the home sellers in the market often release a big amount of money to prepare their property that somehow becomes a big extravagant. Investing in basic stuff would improve your home’s value.


            So, what are these basic kinds of stuff that can increase your home’s value?


  1.      Not Preparing

- Yes, this is literally stating the obvious. The mistake of not preparing your home for the market is really bad. You see, when you release the information regarding your home in the market, it will be the first thing your potential buyers see. We all know that first impressions last so if you did not prepare and just put your home in the market, that first impression would turn to dust. Reducing your potential buyers and extending the home selling period that you have in mind. Always make sure that when you plan to sell your home, you have to prepare it delicately. Imagine making a product with a bad packaging, that will be what it would look like if you showed your unprepared home to the market. Preparing might sound basic, might sound very simple, but in the end, preparing your home is like meticulously designing a package for it. So that when your potential buyers see it, they will get hooked and interested immediately.



  1.      Fix the Flooring

- Have you ever experienced checking out a property and upon entering it you already hear creaking sounds? Or you might have experienced walking on rough floorings because it has already been too old and not even fixed? Having an old floor that is outdated will already send negative vibes to your potential buyers. Even you yourself would not want to purchase a house that has old flooring. You would think of the safety risks it would involve not only to you but also to your family, right? So, do not forget to fix the flooring because once your potential buyer steps inside the house, the endorsement of your property has already begun. Having a good flooring would not just entice your potential buyer, it would also give a positive response from them. You might secure a favorable deal with it.



  1.      Furniture

- Most likely, people who undergo home selling would take their own furniture to their new home. Leaving the home for sale with less than what it needs to be called a home. Reducing the furniture, you have in your home for sale might be good since you don’t know if your potential buyer also has his/her furniture that he/she wants to move in with. But do take note that you have to make sure not to remove too much furniture that your home for sale would feel empty or even desolate. This means that you have to check that your home would still feel like home even with a small number of furniture. The key to this is having a balance with space and a well-furnished space.


  1.      Plants

- Plants are one of the easiest ways to liven up one’s home. Having that green hue that relaxes one’s eyes would definitely be a big plus to your potential home buyers. You see, not only would they bring life to your home but they can also fill up the emptiness from the small spaces left. Most likely, you put strategically placed plants in the living spaces of your home. This adds up to the atmosphere of the room. Also, this might be a marketing strategy since plants often attract home buyers who are nature-loving. Not only do they act as eye-catchers, but they will also serve as a natural air purifier at home. Remember that plants can bring a sense of nature and energy into your home.


  1.      Paint

- One of the most important factors you cannot afford to forget. Getting the right paint for your home is a must. It is not necessary to have different paints for every room in your house. Having paint that has an enlarging effect would be good. This is part of the magic of paints. But this is double-edged magic. You can see that having dull colors often sap away the life of the house, which definitely decreases your chances of making it attracting to the eyes of your potential buyers. The same can be said if you use strong and intense colors, they would be painful for the eyes. So, you have to choose the right color properly.

  1.      Windows

- Your old windows might be good for you but the same cannot be said for your potential buyers. Each has their own taste when it comes to windows, but as a home seller, you have to make sure to replace your old windows with decent ones. New windows can make your home feel different compared to the past ones. Imagine having a window with its frame colored brown then your joints are colored orange? How would that feel? You need to make the frame and joints have a uniform color so that they won’t feel irritating for the eyes.

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