7 Benefits of Having a Pool

Dated: September 17 2019

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7 Benefits of Having a Pool

Having a home is already a milestone for most of us. Whether it is the dream house in our plan or a house we targeted to acquire as a life goal, we could have or not have a pool in it. Some would say that a swimming pool is just but a luxury, but even if it may be small or big it will still have several perks that are beneficial for you and your family. A home that comes with a swimming pool would be like the ultimate goal for most of us. Here are seven benefits of having a pool at home:

           1. Promotes Fitness

- Swimming is one of the aerobic exercises that increases your lung capacity. This type of exercise will give your lungs a good workout, making them stronger. Rather than going to a water park or resort, having a swimming pool at home not only saves you money and time for traveling but it makes swimming readily available just around the corner. Having another way of improving your body’s health will be beneficial not only for you but also for your family. That is why a swimming pool might come costly at the beginning, but in the long run, it will also be you and your family who will benefit from it.

         2. Reduces Stress

- This is one of the main benefits of having a swimming pool at home. Taking a dip in the pool will provide yourself a water therapy. This water therapy happens as the body engages in a relaxing activity; the brain is stimulated to release neurochemicals that make our body feel good hence reducing our stress. We can feel the water move over our body which creates a massaging sensation that promotes an overall body relaxation.

         3. Adds spice to your Social Life

- For people who love being around others, and love being part of group activities; having a swimming pool would greatly help you enjoy your community life. If you didn’t have a swimming pool, it would just be a normal barbeque night. But if you have a swimming pool, that normal barbeque night would be upgraded and you could also enjoy and chill at the pool or by the pool with barbeque and beer while you and your friends enjoy the night. Having a pool also increases the activities you could do when you throw a party at home.

         4. Creates activities for your Family

- Nowadays, most kids spend more time with their gadgets rather than with the family. Gaming and social media are already rampant in the trend of this age and sometimes each one of us would need a getaway. Having a swimming pool at home can help a family have a bonding time even just during the weekends. Not only would the family have a bonding time but they would also enjoy and get relaxed as they dive into the swimming pool.

         5. Increased value of Property

- We are all aware that there will come a time when we will have to part ways with our home. When this happens, we end up getting the property for sale and having a swimming pool increases the value of the property which will benefit us financially during the last stretch with our home. Never has it occurred that a property’s value was brought down because it had a swimming pool in it.

         6. No Dress Code

- Yes, you read it right; no dress code required. Having your own swimming pool gets you’re the right to enjoy taking a dip and swimming without worrying what others would think of what you wear while swimming. Unlike when you go to the gym or water parks, you have to follow a proper swimming dress code so that you would not look funny or weird to others. You also get conscious of what others would see when you swim outside that is why having a swimming pool at home would give you this degree of freedom of wearing whatever you want when you take a dive.

         7. Beneficial when having Kids

- Most parents have a hard time getting their children to sleep. This is also the problem of some grandparents when they help in taking care of the children. When you have a swimming pool, you can join the kids to take a swim and as you relax, you can get them tired which lowers their energy and helps them in getting sleepy. When they have high levels of energy, it will be very tough to get them to sleep. So, as you need to tire them out, letting them swim would not only promote their health but also helps the ones taking care of them to get them to sleep easily.

            These are not just the benefits that are present when we have our own swimming pool at home. So in the end, if you plan to acquire a house, try to get one with a swimming pool. It might come a bit pricey but you and your family will benefit from it in the long run.

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