Get a REALTOR® Now!

Dated: September 12 2019

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Get a Realtor Now!

1) The best person to talk to about selling and buying a property are realtors. They have undergone a lot of pieces of training to know well enough how it is done. That is why they are called professionals. Buying and selling homes is what they do every day. having their presence lessens or even eliminates the headaches that come with learning how to buy or sell a property.

2) They know how it is done and they know the rules. Doing it yourself could mean an expensive lawsuit. You don’t need that in your life. So better have a realtor to help you.

3) Realtors know what to look for and what are the things to avoid, so you will not end up regretting what you have bought or have sold. Your realtor knows where the landmines are in every transaction.

4) They’re expert negotiators. They know how to evaluate and give you a price that will surely sell in your best interest. Don’t start price negotiations at a disadvantage. A realtor understands the market and how to get the best deal for you.

5) Realtors are connected to everyone. They go out a lot and have a lot of transactions with different people (buyer, seller, lender, etc.). Your realtor knows the game and definitely the players. That gives you an edge in home buying/selling.

6) Realtors follow a code of ethics. Your REALTOR® follows a strict moral of principles of ethics so you can trust 100%. 

7) They handle marketing and advertising. Doing that yourself and you’ll likely be hearing crickets, not offers. Realtors will give you more genuine leads and prospects.

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Francisco Peot

Are you looking for a realtor who cares more about you than their commission? I became a Realtor because I bought my first house about 7 years ago, and I absolutely loved the process. As a first tim....

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