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Dated: October 9 2019

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The time has come for you to start packing. Yes! You have already hit a sale and sold your home. After a period of marketing, now you have to say goodbye to it. This is basically a difficult part for home sellers since most are emotionally attached to their old home. You may call it being sentimental but there really comes a time when you have to leave your home and get a new one. Which is in line with the current situation you are in.


Moving is one of the most stressful things in life which is along with the list with job loss, divorce, a major illness, death of a loved one. This is why moving is important and should be done in an organized manner.


We do know that when we prepare for something, the less stress we feel since we are ready for it. Packing your house from the smallest stuff to the biggest equipment in it can be overwhelming. You can start preparing for a few weeks in advance right? Here is an outline of how you should prepare for moving which you can use as a guide:


  •         One month before moving out


- Normally when you sell your property, you don’t necessarily vacate it immediately. At least set a month for your preparation so that you can begin packing your belongings. Some start packing their belongings during this time even if the property is still being checked out in the market. It never hurts to be prepared but it would also be better to start pre-packing during this period in time. You can start packing the small appliances, collectibles, tools, and some clothing that you need for your new home.



  •         Three weeks before moving out


- In this period, you will be starting to pack the items that are not essential to use immediately as you move to your new home. For example, are books, kitchen items, extra linens. Since you will be moving, you won’t immediately start reading and arranging the books since you would be pre-occupied with the unpacking of the other items. You will just set aside a number of kitchen items like plates, utensils for the number of people in your home.


  •         Two weeks before moving out


- Still, during this period, the serious packing begins. This means you will start packing down the items in your home. Any clothing, jewelry, and shoes that you won’t be needing immediately will be packed in this period. If you have kids, set aside a small number of toys for them to play with and the rest of their toys will go to the boxes. If you think that two weeks is enough, you would be surprised to find it not that easy to organize your packing.


  •         One week before moving out


- Finally, only one week and you will be moving out. Here you will finish up the last items to be packed. The rest of your clothing can go to the boxes but set aside at least a week’s worth of clothing for you to use. At this point, you would feel the anxiety, and the emotional attachment you have for your old home. You would feel the connection you have with it and would find it hard to sever the ties. Here is where the stress level rises up. Do not forget to box up your electronic gadgets and appliances. If possible, use their original boxes. You should keep a separate box for your daily essentials so that you know where to find it immediately.


  •         The day of moving out


- During the final day, you will be moving out with all the boxes and the furniture, as well as the big appliances. If possible, hire movers to help you load and unload all of your belongings because it would not be good to do everything by yourself. Imagine lifting the whole refrigerator using your back, the toll it would do to your back will not be good.


            Remember, label every box. I repeat. Label every single box. Write what is inside each box so that you will find it easier when you are unpacking all the boxes. Hopefully, this outline would help you move out properly and in a more organized manner.

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