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Dated: October 2 2019

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After purchasing a home or a homeownership, you must also consider getting a home warranty. There will be several costs that build up over time and as time passes, having a home warranty could reduce the additional costs that are rendered by different parts of the home, you have purchased.


            Here, we will be focusing on the major items or parts of a home that requires a home warranty. A home warranty is similar to insurance. There are several reasons that offer pros and cons that is why it is necessary to check upon what type of home warranty it is and what does it cover. You need to know what the company provides and the type of policy that you will be comfortable with as you apply and sign a home warranty.


            Even for home sellers, having a home warranty plan not only increases your property’s value, it also attracts homebuyers. With a home warranty, a home seller can also reduce the time he/she would spend in getting a sale.

            As we already said, home warranties come with different policies and coverages. That is why it is very important to determine what you need in a home warranty. Meaning you should know which among the home appliances and systems should be covered in case of an unexpected breakdown. Here is a list of the items and systems that should be covered in a home warranty:


1.     Plumbing

- As we all know, you cannot run a house without a proper plumbing system. We should be aware that we can live properly even with a power interruption, but having a water interruption greatly creates an unwanted disaster at home. Repairing your plumbing system will cost at least $200-$500 and that does not even include the payment for the labor of the plumber per hour of his/her work.


2.     Roofs

- Having a damaged roof is critical because the roof protects our home and everything inside it from the heat of the sun to the heavy downpour from the rain. Even as it starts from a small shelling out, it could get worst and make a whole new level of damage. Shelling out could start from leaks and as it widens, it could not just be a problem from the rain but it could be worse in the months of winter. This is why having a home warranty is a must since it can cover not just the repairs and materials but also the technician who will come over to repair your roof.


3.     Refrigerators

- Most likely, repairing a refrigerator could cost $200-$2,000. This is not a light addition to your expenses, right? And this price range depends on the brand you have. It also increases if you have to change important parts such as the motor. That is why this should also be included in your home warranty. Also, take note that it is in the refrigerator where we store some of our food supplies.

4.     Ovens

- When your oven gets damage, it isn’t necessary to replace it immediately if it could still be repaired, right? Adding it to your home warranty not only covers the unique components inside an oven, it can also cover the method of sourcing those unique parts and lastly the technician who will repair it. Take note that a thermostat costs way over $1,500 and that isn’t something you can easily procure.


5.     Washers

- Having clean clothes reflects to your embodiment for your self-care. The washers are also important and if they break down, it would be because there are issues on its heater coils, motors, water valves or inverters. These could add an additional $100-$400 to your expenses.


6.     Dishwashers

- Dishwashers commonly break down because of its heater, main motor, door gasket or hinges. With each part costing $200-$500, having it placed in your home warranty secures you an additional saving.


7.     Air Conditioners

- During the summer, these air conditioners keep the cool inside your home. But you do know that not everything can keep on working like normal, there will be times that these air conditioners will break down. This would be a critical part you should look for when signing a home warranty because repairing an air conditioner could cost you as low as $900 but as high as $2,000. Normally, air conditioners are covered in the home electronics or home appliances protection plan in a home warranty.

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