How Do Burglars Most Often Enter

Dated: August 30 2019

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How Do Burglars Most Often Enter a Home


            According to the FBI, one in every thirty-six homes in the United States are burglarized during the year 2012. In 2017, about 1.4 million burglaries occurred and among these, two in three break-ins were from residential properties.


            Home intrusions or invasions aren’t simply by coincidence nor by random. Many of these break-ins are committed by a person who lives within two miles of the property or even someone close to the victim. These burglars often enter the residence through the following passages ranked accordingly:

1.      Breaking a window

2.      Picking the front door lock or breaking the front door

3.      Breaking in through the back door or another door

4.      Front door was left unlocked

5.      Garage door was open

6.      Back door or another door was left unlocked


During these break-ins, only 21.7% of the residential properties had a security system. 77% did not have a security system and 1.3% were unsure. Even residences with a security system were still affected. The scary fact is that around 20% of the respondents in the survey of 993 people who have experienced a break-in were at home during the attempted break-in. Had they not notified the authorities or distracted the burglars, it would have ended with not just a simple burglary. According to the study, the average value of stolen items was $1,839.55. Respondents say they were able to recover an average of about 22% of the items stolen.


            Most of the respondents regretted not having a security system installed. But in reality, burglars nowadays are not even scared of the alarms since it will take a couple of minutes before the authorities will arrive and by the time they arrive, these burglars would have already left the property with the stolen items.


            Our home is our safe haven. It is supposed to be a secure ground not just for us but also for our family. At the end of the day, it is our home that welcomes us and helps us rest with ease. Even if having a security system does not provide a hundred percent safety, it is still a method of preventing unwanted people from entering your home. As we all know, prevention is better than cure.


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