Listing Your Home in Fall

Dated: September 25 2019

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When it comes to the seasons in listing a property on the market, people often sell their homes during spring and summer. This is a recognized fact that spring and summer are the seasons where most people put their homes in the market and that these properties get sold on that season. When fall comes, most of these property’s listing is about to expire. The effect would be that there is less competition during the fall, and you could see that people want to land a successful sale before the holidays. As you see, homebuyers who participate in acquiring properties in the fall are more serious. They have already spent months scouring for that dream home they desire and they would want to conclude their search. These home buyers would also want to move in with ease before the holidays.


            As we know, preparing your home would be time-consuming and would take in a lot of effort. You should hire a real estate agent to help you with this process that includes the preparation of your home and documents involved with the sale. At present, most people want homes that are ready for occupancy. This means they want a home that is not totally empty, but a home that is staged with furniture.


            During the preparation of your home, you must consider checking on the three most important areas to help sell your home in the fall, these are:


1. Replacing Floors

- When doing the home staging, make sure not to leave the floors unattended. They might just be “the floor” but they must still be good for future use. You must replace any broken ceramic floor tiles, badly worn hardwood and curling, vinyl floors. These often catch the attention of probable home buyers and would leave a sour taste on their intent to purchase your home. In the end, you must take responsibility to repair, refinish, and replace the flooring. It is not as expensive as most people think but any buyer would not want to deal with it as they want to move in immediately with ease.


2. Updating the Kitchen

- Most would point out that it is a big no if they should remodel their kitchen before selling their home. Yes, we know a major kitchen renovation is very expensive and will be a bit personalized. But we do know that buyers won’t go for homes that have a very long repair list. And the kitchen is an essential area since it is here where we prepare our meals and store our food. Other buyers would walk out immediately if they see a messy kitchen. An easy way to remodel the kitchen would be to:

a) remove the wallpaper and wallpaper borders.

b) paint the walls with a neutral color that provides warmth and is light.

c) replace broken appliances.

d) replace worn, cracked countertops.

e) declutter your kitchen storage areas and countertops. Follow these steps to help in remodeling your kitchen before listing your home.


3. Repainting

- This would probably be an important part of the home staging. Repainting not only makes your home feel new, but it also makes it have a different appeal to it. A good repaint makes a home feel inviting, yet it looks clean and presentable that home buyers would steal one more glance to it. That is why you must do a proper paint job before listing your home. Do not forget to paint your front door with a vibrant color since it will be the first thing your home buyer would see.



            Accomplishing these three areas will not just help you in selling your home, it would hasten the process since having a proper home staging will attract more buyers. And considering you list your home in the fall, you will get the attention of the buyers who want to land a sale.

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