No Offers After Lots of Showings?

Dated: October 24 2019

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          Home sellers will often encounter slumps along the road of their home listing. After listing their property in the market, home sellers will have lots of showings but there are home sellers that experience the negative end of this. While other home sellers have tons of showings and get offers after, other home sellers do not even get any offers at all. Even with a hired real estate agent, this could also happen. Real estate agents will do and make sure that you will have a lot of showings but they will want to do those to the potential home buyers and not just any random home buyer.


          Having no offers will not only delay your selling, but it will also make you extend the spending you are currently using for your home showings and also, the most important part, the gradual decrease of your home’s value. Time is a very big factor when it comes to home listing so you can never afford to keep extending your property’s market time. So, what could be the reasons why you do not receive any offer even if you keep doing home showing? Here are a few of those reasons:


1. Price

- This would be the most important factor if you do not get any offers. Is the market price set too high? Most likely, homebuyers have lists of properties that would be similar to the property you listed in the market. They would see if it is overpriced and they will skip getting a deal for your property. No home buyer would want to buy a property that can be bought cheaper than your offer. As a home seller, you should acknowledge the fact that the market’s prices are changing as time goes by. The market’s constant change will be a challenge for you as a home seller and for your real estate agent. Always check for updates regarding the shifts in the prices so that you can make sure that the price you put for your property is updated.


2. Location

- A property’s location will be vital for your potential home buyer. This is true because your potential home buyer would like to have a neighborhood that is suited for his/her needs. This caters to his/her job if the location would be accessible or would it be too far. It would also depend if your potential home buyer has a family. Is the neighborhood viable enough to raise kids or would it be harmful to any children in its premises? These are but simple conditions yet they are crucial enough to change any potential home buyer’s decision whether to chip in an offer or ignore your property.


3. Staging

- Could it be that your home staging has not been on the mark? This could also be the case. Remember that if you will proceed to the home staging project, try to put yourself in any home buyer’s shoes. Make your home attractive enough yet it would have the essentials that any potential home buyer would need and want. In some cases, home sellers hire professional home stagers in which would cost them a bit but can yield out results. They may come pricey but you can think of them as an investment. And most likely, that investment would bear fruit and you may end up landing a deal with a potential home buyer. 


4. Updating

- Sometimes, your home has already been depleted of its soul. This means that after the years you have stayed in it, you also need to update it before putting it in the market. This is due to the fact that home buyers would be keen in observing your home when you show it to them. They will take note of a lot of stuff that, if it would be too many, can end up in a bad way. For you to lose a potential home buyer. So, make sure that you will update your home before putting it up in the market. Big or small updates can have an impact on any home buyer who views your property. These updates can also end up as a bargaining chip to your potential home buyer so do not forget it.


5. Showing

- As you proceed with home showing, make sure that your property will not be dull or maybe a problem with its smell. You see, any home buyer would look at your property as an approved test. Every wrong thing that they would see would wind up as a red mark for your property, and if there would be too many red marks, you will lose your potential home buyer. You must have a favorable first impression to your potential home buyer. Let your home shine and smell good. Making sure it is clean and neat is just a simple task you can do as you prepare for a home showing.

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