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Dated: September 20 2019

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With the rapid advancement of technology nowadays, we do most of our daily activities with just a swipe or touch of our fingers. Most transactions are even accomplished with our smartphone. But it really is not limited to that only. Now, we can even install these technologies into our home and sync them with our smartphone or tablet. With the rise of these perks, they add to the worth of our property and increases its value as we put it up on the market.


          Most buyers seek the convenience of buying a home with smart technology features. They tend to value these types of convenience in order to lessen the normal number of actions per day. Most of those who value these are those who have a family or those who have already passed the age of 50.



Here are some of the smart-home features that would make your property’s value increase as you put it up for sale:


  1.     Wireless Security System

- Security is one of the most important aspects to consider when buying a home. You would not want to move into a house that does not even offer an ounce of security. You would think of the safety of not only you but also that of your family. This is probably an essential part of having a home that everyone considers. Buyers tend to seek homes that offer protection from unwanted burglars. The older security systems often fall because of the advancement of hacking systems. Burglars often know which wire to cut or to bypass in order to get inside your home. So, some of the older security systems are already out-dated or even irrelevant. That is why having a home with an advanced security system nowadays and people tend to look for homes with a wireless security system. Having this kind of security system does not only offer tighter protection, but it also saves space because you do not need to install the wires throughout your home anymore. This type of security system cannot be bypassed easily. Also, having a wireless security system includes the feature of syncing the system to your smartphone. This means you can access it even if you are at work. Think of it, you can view how your home is doing even if you are away from it. This might sound like a luxury but in the end, times are changing and if we want to have a secure home, we have to step up our game plan for it.


  1.     Smart Security Locks

- Due to the advancement in technology, the standard door knobs with keys used for unlocking them are slowly fading away. It started with the hotels switching to key cards or access cards and also the offices that used fingerprints for the different entry levels in the office. Now, these features have already been implemented in different smart homes. Some homes could only be opened with the use of the owner’s fingerprint, face scan, or even a retina scan. This might sound a bit too farfetched but believe it or not, it is already happening. And with these features added into your home, selling it with these becomes a bargaining chip that increases its selling value. The trend of the usage of technology at home attracts the eyes of the buyers and entices them in the sense that having a home with smart security locks might be dazzling but, in the end, it is still secure for them and their family.


  1.     Smart Heating/Cooling Management System

- As the seasons shift from one to the other, we also need our home to be equipped with both means to heat it or cool it. While most homes have heaters in selected rooms or even have an air conditioning unit installed in several rooms; they would not still be that comfortable knowing when you leave that room there will be a shift of temperature. Having a smart heating/cooling management system not only lessens the hassle of adjusting your temperature every now and then, but it also keeps you at a temperature that is not too cold or not too hot for your body. And buyers look for that convenience too.


  1. Exterior Security Cameras

- Most of the smart homes with a security system include exterior security cameras. These are most likely installed at the 4 corners of the house, or at the different entry points of your home. They could also be at plain sight, or even hidden from the naked eye. Whether you are at work, or even on vacation; you can easily check on how your house is doing with just the tip of your fingers. Moving the cameras to view the surrounding of your house is not simply convenient but it gives you the feeling of security.


  1.     Keyless Entry

- The age of keys is already at its last phase. This is true for some countries. Some houses have already switched to key cards which are thinner and can easily fit in your wallet. A lot of people easily lose their keys or even take too much time finding the right key for the right lock/door that they are opening. With a master key card, you can easily open every single door in your home. This feature attracts the attention of buyers who are inclined to the use of technology, or buyers who want to have one less worry to have in mind.


          The features of smart homes are not limited to these five. But these are the key features that buyers often seek when they are looking for a place to settle. So know that converting your home into a smart home would entail additional costs but in the end; not only will you benefit from it, you would also find these features assets when you look for a buyer.

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