Vacant Staging – Things to Avoid

Dated: October 28 2019

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          There are different types of home staging and vacant staging is one of the common home staging types out in the market. This is an empty property that is for sale that does not come with any furniture or accessory. When proceeding with vacant staging, you will have to approach any potential home buyer differently. This is due to the fact that vacant properties present different issues for any home seller.


          Vacant properties will obviously appear empty. They have nothing to catch your potential home buyer’s attention. So, it will be a must to make sure your property is thoroughly clean. This is due to the fact that your potential home buyers will likely see the flaws in your property as you have nothing else to divert their attention from those flaws.


          But in reality, most vacant properties land in a sale. Although they might not have the grandiose to be home staged, this is due to certain situations related to a home seller’s time and budget.


          Here are the things to avoid when proceeding with vacant staging:


1. Items

- Most likely, proceeding with vacant staging requires you as a home seller to make sure that your property is empty and clean. This means there should not be any scattered items in it when a potential home buyer comes to view it. It will give them the impression that someone is still living there and there would be possible damages that could happen to your property. This also includes your cabinets. Make sure that your cabinets are empty and do not leave wire hangers in it.



2. Paint

- As you are applying vacant staging, never paint the walls white. Having white as the color of your walls with definitely, make your potential home buyer feel that your property is empty and cold. Yes, there are other properties that are painted with white but you have to remember that you have no other furniture to pair up with the white paint since you are applying vacant staging. So, make sure that you will avoid applying white paint for your walls.


3. Furniture

- Now that you have chosen to do vacant staging, make sure that you also clear up any furniture, accessories, or rugs. Do not use them to cover up the flaws in your property because they will be too obvious. Selling your property and presenting it to potential home buyers is not a game that you can cheat with. Also, these pieces of furniture, accessory, or rugs will distract your potential home buyer as they try to get the big picture of your property in their mind.


4. Condition

- This is the most important part, making sure that your property is in good condition before putting it up in the market. This means you have to repair, update, and clean your property. As stated, the first will be the repairs. As a home seller, it would benefit you to do a home inspection first so that you can have an overview of the things that you need to fix. Letting yourself have the home inspection rather than your potential home buyer would save you face. Also, it would be better to finish these repairs before putting your property in the market. Second, to update. This means you have to update the parts of your home such as the light fixtures, countertops, flooring. These are what your potential home buyer would initially see as they view your property from the inside. It will be essential that you make sure there are no damages and that they are updated. Lastly, make sure it is neat and clean. Your potential home buyer might tap their fingers and slide it in any corner of your vacant property. If they wind up getting dust on their hands, it would leave a negative impression. Dirt, dust, and even grime will catch the attention of your potential home buyer. So make sure to give your property a good scrubbing before showing it off.


5. Cables

- Some home sellers forget the fact that they simply removed their appliances and left out the end of the cable connectors hanging from the wall or even from the ceiling. This will end up as a distraction for your potential home buyer. Instead of seeing the empty space, they would easily see these cords hanging or crawling out from your walls.


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