Why Should We Hire REALTORS®?

Dated: September 23 2019

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When it comes to home sales, buyers and sellers are on separate sides of the field. Each has their own preferences, what they want to happen, and what they want to get. Most likely the buyer wants to buy the property with the cheapest price he/she can so that he/ she could save money. Meanwhile, the seller wants to sell his/ her property to the highest value he/she can so that he/she could gain a surmountable amount of profit from it. But in the end, both of them want one thing to be done – to get a sale.
            The buyer and seller can benefit significantly if they hire a real estate agent to help them in the sale. Their reasons might be different from one another but having a realtor would make things smoother. Almost 90% of people wanting to get their property from or in the market hire real estate agents.
            Here are five reasons why hiring a real estate agent is a must:
1.     Money
- As we all know, if a seller puts his/her property in the market, he/she would put a price that they think is okay or high for their property. But little do they know that a property’s value also decreases through time, and in the end, they could not make a sale. The same goes for the buyers, they do not know much about the trends in the market regarding prices so they might be able to buy a property that is overpriced and end up losing a great amount of money. Hiring a real estate agent help one meet certain marks. For a buyer’s point-of-view, a real estate agent can help them get what they want in a property for the right price. A real estate agent knows the market trend and is able to establish a proper figure for a property so that the buyer does not overspend and lose money. For a seller’s point-of-view, a real estate agent can help him/her price the property right so that it gets sold as fast as possible. A real estate agent knows the market well enough to be able to know a property’s value and be able to use his/her connections to make find a buyer for the property.
2.     Attention to Detail
- In a real estate deal, you have a lot of documents and processes to get into. It’s not as simple as buying or selling a product from a grocery. Hiring a real estate agent can help you review and understand the multiple documents involved when you engage in a real estate deal. This also involves the different federal, state, and local documents involved. It is a good thing that a real estate agent is well versed in all this paperwork. In consideration of saving money: a real estate agent can save you from committing mistakes or omissions in these documents that could cost you additional expenses that you yourself want to avoid.
3.     Privacy and Confidentiality
- Whether you are the buyer or the seller, your real estate agent has your back. Real estate agents have the “Fiduciary” responsibility to their clients. They are legally obligated to put their client’s best interests first in any deal they engage in. In regards to confidentiality, imagine if you talk to a buyer, do you think that you can share your financial status with them and expect them to keep that information confidential? The same goes for when you talk to a seller’s agent, who has no legal responsibility to you but only to their boss. Having a realtor would know what information is reasonable to tell to the other camp in case the other requests it.
4.     What to Look For
- When one wants to purchase a house, they think about the number of bedrooms, if it has a garage and the different must-haves that they have in mind. But by having a real estate agent, the agent will check up on different things that might not have crossed your mind. Whether it may be to check on roofing problems, molds, insects, piping issues, etc. An agent can recognize these problems and help you in approaching them. An agent’s knowledge and experience can help you avoid unwanted additional expenses. As for selling a home, an agent can help you up in the proper way to price your property. Which parts of the property that you should use as bargaining chips so that it could increase your property’s value. Does your property have comparable sales so that you can have a justified price for it? An agent can show you the current data regarding your property that will help you decide better on the price.
5.     Negotiating Skills
- Not everyone is born a negotiation shark that’s why hiring a real estate agent is essential when you are planning to put or get a property from the market. A real estate agent has superior negotiating skills. They know what normally works and what does not. Having them by your side or representing you will aid you financially as they are legally obligated to put your best interests first. And the most important factor, a real estate agent has no emotional stake in the outcome that could cloud up their judgment as they negotiate with the deal.
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